Chamberlain High School Bands 2018-2019 

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Children 4 years old through 8th grade are invited to join the Chamberlain High School Chiefettes for an evening of dance and fun at a Friday football pre-game night by performing in the first quarter stand dances.

Registration is typically in September and the performance night is early October. The participation fee includes a practice day with dance instruction and lunch, t-shirt, photo's, parent performance and admission to the football game. On game night after the performance, Jr. Chiefettes are picked up by their parent/guardian in the stands after the 1st quarter ends. Additional details are distributed at time of registration.  


Remember, you are participating in marching band, which is an outdoor activity, and you live in FLORIDA!  It will be hot outside and you will get a suntan (or sunburn) with tan lines.  Every student is to wear sneakers, athletic shorts, and a t-shirt.  Make sure you have sun tan lotion, sunglasses, and a hat.  Be sure to hydrate yourself the night before and during the day.  It is recommended you bring your own water thermos.  The officers and staff work hard to provide a nurturing environment for new members of the marching band.  You can look forward to a great productive camp that will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride.

Attendance is mandatory for band camp.  You will need to arrange all family vacations, doctor’s visits, jobs, family time, etc. at a time other than during band camp.  You must attend ALL rehearsals with no interruptions.  Band camp is equivalent to eight weeks of regular rehearsals.  We will learn and memorize all of our warm-ups, stand tunes, pre-game, and will rehearse show music and begin learning drill.  A selection of this music will be performed the last day of camp as a preview of the season for the parents.  If one person is missing from one rehearsal, the entire band needs to review what was missed when you come back, thus slowing the learning process down.

Early is on time and on time is late.  Do not expect to arrive five minutes early and be ready to go.  It is a rule of thumb to arrive at least fifteen minutes early to every rehearsal.  You are responsible for being on time…excuses such as traffic, your parents oversleeping, or car trouble is not going to cut it.  You must take full responsibility.  If something should cause you to run late, call your section leader ASAP BEFORE you are supposed to arrive so that the officers, staff, and director know where you are.

Attitude and behavior is to be exemplary at all times.  You are a young adult.  Be sure to be in your spot, stay in step or do whatever is asked of you.  The staff and leadership are there for your benefit.  If you work really hard, they will take note – so will other members around you.  Having a positive attitude also allows things to get done much more quickly.  Nothing is worse than resetting over and over and over again because someone is not listening or following directions. 

Keep cool both physically and mentally.  You, and only you can take care of yourself.  You must make sure you do not overheat by hydrating yourself before, during, and after rehearsal with water.  Sodas will dehydrate you, so avoid them.  If you miss a note or do not hit the form the first time, just keep trying and listen graciously to advice and you WILL eventually get it.  Everyone is there to help each other.

Respect the director, staff, leadership, parents, and every member of the band at all times.  

What to bring to band camp…

  • Instrument
  • Music
  • Pencil
  • 2-quart water cooler
  • Completed forms
  • Check/Money Order for band camp fees (See Handbook)
  • Bag Lunch (it is cheaper and healthier to bring your own lunch…Remember to avoid soda and junk food)

What to wear for band camp in August…
  • Sneakers (for correct marching technique…this goes for front ensemble as well)
  • Shorts (Remember we live in Florida)
  • T-shirt
  • Wear sunscreen (Even if you don’t burn)
  • Wear a hat & sunglass

Important advice
  • Be sure to get plenty of sleep to avoid fatigue
  • Eat breakfast!