Chamberlain High School Bands

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New Member Information

To be enrolled in a band/instrumental techniques/eurythmics course means the following:

  • It is REQUIRED to be a part of the Marching Band
  • It is REQUIRED to attend ALL rehearsals on Tues/Thurs from 4PM-7PM
  • It is REQUIRED to attend ALL football games and competitions
  • It is REQUIRED to put your best foot forward and have fun!!!!

Lots of requirements, but for good reason! The band learns up to 5 pages of new drill per rehearsal. This means if a student misses one rehearsal, they are already behind 5 whole sets while everybody else is moving on. I don't want to see people loose motivation, instead I want to see people having FUN so its IMPERATIVE that they attend rehearsal! More attendance = more fun.

That being said, if you are in a sport, you need to contact Mr. Fanara DIRECTLY and inform him of your schedule so you and him can come to an agreement for your time commitment with the marching band. WE'LL WORK WITH YOU.

If you have any extenuating circumstances that you think prevent you from following these rules, you again, need to contact Mr. Fanara DIRECTLY and come to a conclusion that makes both parties happy.

Communication is key to having fun in band. If you don't communicate, it won't be fun for you. If you do communicate, you will have fun. COMMUNICATION IS KEY

In order for you to participate in the marching band in any way (performance, rehearsal, etc) you need to fill out a medical release form. This is located below, print this out and have it NOTARIZED and handed into Mr. Fanara prior to any event.

Email any concerns you many have at all to